Improve your aCT by 2+ Points or receive a full refund.

6 Weeks. 12 hours of one-on-one, online tutoring for the SAT or ACT.

  • Increase Confidence
  • Personalized Test-Day Gameplan

  • Flexible Scheduling

Michael Craig

Owner & Tutor

Increase Confidence

Standardized Tests take students out of their element and cripple their confidence. Understanding the test can completely change their self-esteem and academic outlook!

Personalized Test-Day Gameplan

Strategy is an important aspect of test taking that is difficult for students to figure out on their own. Within a few hours, we develop a strategy to maximize your score!

Flexible Scheduling

It’s very important to get through all 12 of our meetings so that we can maximize your preparation and confidence! High school schedules are busy, we’ll work with your schedule to always get our meetings in!


“The greatest benefit was that we saw Sam grow immensely in his confidence before he took the test. As he gained skills and improved his practice test scores, his anxiety levels went down and he was truly ready to take the test.” 

Brock L, Father of Sam, +4 ACT Points
“Neya got her first acceptance today from Seton Hall! We are so excited and happy. Thanks for all your help!”
Viji R, College Essay Consulting Client

“Nathan got a 29 on the ACT. I am really pleased with this score because it is a big jump. Thank you!”

Paula K, Mother of Nate, +3 ACT Points

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